Tailored Web Apps in ASP.NET Core

Web applications in ASP.NET Core and Angular2+ or React, with ASP.NET Core Identity, EF Core, SQL Server or MySQL

ASP.NET Core Open Source Reporting

Add fully customizable PDF reporting functionality in an ASP.NET Core application using open source tools

Tailored Windows Apps with .NET

Windows applications in .NET with WFP or Windows Forms with .NET and EF

Architecting a Front-end with Angular2+/React

Setup an application front-end for authentication/authorization and server communication with Angular2+ or React

Revamping Legacy ASP.NET Apps

Implement a React/Angular front-end and the required build pipeline in Web Forms/MVC applications

Revamping Legacy MFC Applications

Extend a legacy MFC/VC++ application with .NET Windows Forms and WPF components using C++/CLI and C#

Architecting a Back-end with .NET

Setup an application back-end for data access, model validation and authentication with .NET/.NET Core and EF/EF Core

Application Security Design with .NET

Setup security using Windows Authentication, ASP.NET Identity (.NET/.NET Core), Cookies, JWT, roles and groups

Case Studies

Custom charting component with React hooks

Maintenance App with ASP.NET Core and React

Admissions App with ASP.NET Core MVC

Task Management with ASP.NET and React

Web App with with ASP.NET Core/Identity Server and React

Web App with ASP.NET Core and Angular 7

Charting with ASP.NET and JQuery/Knockout.js

Reporting with ASP.NET and ReportViewer

Statistical Analysis with MFC and WPF

Email Address Book and Alerting with WPF

Process Simulation with ASP.NET and Matlab

Production Tracking App with WPF