Extensible Multi-source Connectivity Module with MFC/WPF

This module facilitates data transfer between the MFC application document and some external store. The list of possible document entities is normally the same for all stores, but different stores may have a very different structure and, therefore, configuration options. All stores can be used for both importing and exporting.

Technical highlights:

  • Currently supported stores are: text file, mdb file, xml file and SQL Server.
  • New stores may be easily added by implementing the appropriate interfaces, which include the functions realizing the actual data transfer to and from the store. The exporting/importing service is then calling the appropriate function of the selected connectivity class.
  • WPF interfaces are used for configuring and previewing the data transfers.

Document entities that can be used for importing/exporting can be easily added also by implementing appropriate interfaces without the need for further action.

Partial Feature Class Diagram