The SchedulePro Tracker desktop application is a product created on behalf of Intelligen Inc. that tracks production schedule in process-based production plants. The Tracker is currently used in several production plants as a tool for the plant operators to update the main system database with information on actual operation timing and resources amounts. The application is built with WPF and connects to a SQL Server database.

Interactive Gantt View

Functionality at a glance:

  • The Gantt View consists of collapsible, nested process details on the left and the corresponding horizontal bars on the right. It gives a supervisor high-level overview and easy update capability of the entire process.
  • A “Current Time” marker is constantly updated with the computer clock and determines task completion status.
  • Operation start/end times may be edited directly on the grid, automatically updating the corresponding bars.
  • Material transaction amount may be edited directly on the grid, while QA and Expiration timed may be edited on a relevant popup dialog.
  • Leading column denotes task status and is automatically updated with the computer clock. Green Check: No further action required, Exclamation Point: Action is required, Clock: Action will be required in the future.
  • Bulk update registration.
Gantt View
Bulk Update Window

Technical highlights:

  • Database access via EF.
  • Custom-built Gantt View.
  • Pure MVVM for internal Gantt user controls. Extensive use of converters, triggers, bindings, styles, etc.
  • Multi-tier architecture for reverting to last retrieved or to current database values.
  • In-application database server setup interface.
Task Queue

Functionality at a glance:

  • A time-ordered task list for an operator to execute. The list may be filtered for the equipment that the operator is responsible for.
  • Each task is associated with an attention date/time; the date/time when an action will need to be performed for the task. It is normally the start or end for an operation.
  • Attention date background is gray for completed tasks, orange for tasks requiring attention and transparent for future tasks.
  • Progress column shows task execution status.
  • A task may be set as started, paused or completed while material amounts produced or consumed during the task may be updated.

Materials Management

Functionality at a glance:

  • A time-ordered list of material transactions for the associated storage units.
  • A check-tree on the left panel allows for narrowing down the storage units considered.
  • Inventory charts for the available storage units.